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Genuine or bogus?

A glass of juice is one of 5 parts of organic product or vegetables

TRUTH. As per specialists from the World Health Organization (WHO), every one of us ought to devour in any event 400 g of different vegetables and natural products consistently. This sum ought to be isolated into 5 segments during the day. A segment is a medium-sized vegetable, organic product (or a few littler), just as a glass of juice (200 ml). Just normal stock of vitamins and minerals will assist us with keeping up great wellbeing for the duration of our lives. Therefore, it merits recollecting that a glass of juice can be one serving. Up until now, a factual Pole drinks 82.5 glasses (200 ml every one) of juices and nectars during the year, for example one each 4 - 5 days. This is unquestionably insufficient.

Shafts regularly go after squeezed apple

TRUTH. The report distributed in 2018 by the European Fruit Juice Association AIJN shows that in Poland each fourth liter of juice or nectar alcoholic in our nation is apple-seasoned (27.2). Next, we pick orange flavor (24.7%), carrot season (14%), which thus isn't famous in the European Union, and multi-natural product enhance (12.7%). Numerous Poles, particularly youthful ones, as new items, which is the reason juice and nectar makers are continually growing their idea with new flavors.

Lemon juice is "imperceptible mascara"

TRUTH. One of the all inclusive youngsters' fantasies is to have undetectable ink with which to compose mystery messages. The vast majority don't have the foggiest idea about that mysterious ink is accessible in each greengrocer. Simply crush lemon juice and … the mascara is prepared! At that point you can compose mystery data utilizing the cotton bud. At the point when the juice dries, a bit of paper looks clean. At the point when we need to peruse the message, we simply need to press the card with an extremely hot iron. We will at that point see the dark colored content.

Tomato juice is low in calories

TRUTH. Tomatoes are 93% water, which is the reason they are not extremely caloric. A glass of tomato juice is just 26 kcal. You can consume this measure of calories following 5 minutes of a fast walk! Tomato juice is in this manner imperative in thinning. In addition, it contains a great deal of potassium, lycopene and vitamins, so it is viewed as one of the most gainful juices for the human body.

Juice protects practically all the supplements of foods grown from the ground

TRUTH.Modern advancements utilized in the creation of juices permit the extraction of everything that is ideal and generally significant from products of the soil. The principal phase of juice creation is exhaustive washing of vegetables and natural products. At that point they are picked and afterward squashed, squeezed or crushed. Clear squeezes are also exposed to filtration. The following phase of creation is purification. It is a characteristic method to save squeezes by warming them, much the same as our grandmas and moms do while getting ready arrangements for the winter. Right now, and different microorganisms that are unsafe to the human body are demolished, while keeping up the flavor of the items and abstaining from diminishing their healthy benefit. This procedure is controlled at each stage with the goal that the item arriving at the shopper is of the highest caliber.

The shading and taste of the juice originate from the products of the soil from which it was created

TRUTH. Juice is a 100% natural product or vegetable item. Contains juice pressed straightforwardly from the natural product or is reconstituted from concentrated juice. Vitamins and mineral salts can be added to juices to improve it. Squeezes never contain seasons other than those got from organic product/vegetables or any additives, sugars or colors. The shading and taste of the juice consistently originate from the organic product or vegetables it was produced using. That is the reason it is a totally common item.

As per the law since October 28, 2013 (Directive 2012/12/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 19, 2012 identifying with natural product juices and the Regulation of the Minister and Rural Development of February 8, 2013 - Journal of Laws 2013 thing 327) it is taboo to include any sugars (for example glucose, fructose, sucrose (white sugar), glucose-fructose syrup to all foods grown from the ground juices set available (in jugs and containers), NFC and reconstituted from concentrated, sanitized and unpasteurized juices. ) or different sugars. These juices are along these lines the very same kind of sugar and in a similar sum as the sugar contained in the natural product or tomatoes from which this juice was delivered.

Juices and nectars are saved

Deception. No additives ought to be added to the juices and nectars. This is precluded by law. They must be fixed by physical strategies, for example, sanitization. It is a characteristic method for protecting juices by warming them, which is normally utilized, for example by housewives. Because of this procedure, microbes and different microorganisms horrible to the human body are dispensed with, and the taste and healthy benefit of the juice remain. Every sanitization arrange is controlled, subsequently the assurance that items that hit store racks are of the highest caliber.

What are superfruit juices?

The term superfruits was first utilized in 2005 to underline the wellbeing advancing properties of their various assortments. Superfruits have, truth be told, more noteworthy than different organic products, the capacity to ingest hurtful free radicals. The gathering of superfruits are for the most part dim and berry organic products, incl. blueberries, chokeberry, blackcurrant, cranberry, goji berries, a├žai and red grapes. Their hues (red, naval force blue, dark, purple) are related with the nearness of polyphenols. These mixes, notwithstanding giving the natural product an extreme shading, are cancer prevention agents, for example they ingest free radicals answerable for cell harm. Raspberries and strawberries have very solid cancer prevention agent properties, which are frequently utilized in beverages and squeezes because of their taste.

Poland and other European Union nations have presented prohibitive guidelines in regards to the creation of juices and nectars

TRUTH. The nature of juices and nectars is point by point in the Juice Directive. The juice business, as the main part of the nourishment business, has created and acknowledged an arrangement of restraint of natural product juice quality dependent on, among others o AIJN Code of Practice. This archive characterizes quality and cleanliness prerequisites just as criteria for surveying the personality and realness of an item. Most Polish makers have a place with the Voluntary Juice and Nectar Control System (DSK), which permits you to screen the nature of items that arrive at store racks.

As per the law since October 28, 2013 (Directive 2012/12/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 19, 2012 identifying with organic product juices and the Regulation of the Minister and Rural Development of February 8, 2013 - Journal of Laws 2013 thing 327) it is taboo to include any sugars (for example glucose, fructose, sucrose (white sugar), glucose-fructose syrup to all leafy foods juices set available (in containers and containers), NFC and reconstituted from concentrated, purified and unpasteurized juices. ) or different sugars. These juices are subsequently the very same sort of sugar and in a similar sum as the sugar contained in the natural product or tomatoes from which this juice was delivered.

Carrot is the natural product for the jam business

TRUTH. One of the European Union mandates sets the base organic product content in jam. Authorities experienced such a great amount of difficulty with one of the Portuguese national luxuries - carrot jam. Be that as it may, the issue was comprehended essentially. Carrots have been perceived as organic product for the jam business! Cucumber, tomato, sweet potato, rhubarb and pumpkin were additionally grouped likewise. The dubious record additionally advanced carrot jam in Poland. Right now, an ever increasing number of individuals use it to decipher cakes.

Lemons contain the most vitamin C

Lie. A large portion of us partner vitamin C with the acrid taste of lemon. Numerous individuals feel that it is difficult to manage without colds with colds. In any case, on the off chance that you analyze the measure of vitamin C in lemon and different organic products, things being what they are, it doesn't fall so well. Simply take a gander at the accompanying explanation, which shows the normal measure of vitamin C in 100 g of natural product, for example in one serving.

mandarin - 31 mg vitamin C,

lemon - 50 mg vitamin C,

orange - 49 mg vitamin C,

Grapefruit - 40 mg vitamin C,

strawberry - 66 mg vitamin C,

dark currant - 180 mg vitamin C,

Rosehips - 500 - 5000 mg of vitamin C.

Prescribed Daily Intake/RDI - Reference Daily Intake/Vitamin C for a normal grown-up is 80 mg.

It does not merit consolidating tomato with cucumber

TRUTH. On the off chance that we consolidate tomato and cucumber in a serving of mixed greens or sandwich, we can be certain that we won't give the body all the vitamin C contained in the tomato. Cucumber contains a solid compound (ascorbase), which oxidizes ascorbic corrosive, for example it demolishes all vitamin C. One teaspoon of crude cucumber juice is sufficient to demolish vitamin C contained in a few liters of tomato juice. The equivalent happens in any event, when the cut of cucumber just marginally contacts the cut of tomato. Nonetheless, there is a basic counsel. Prior to consolidating tomato and cucumber, it merits blending them in independent dishes in with a little olive oil. It secures vitamin C and moreover expands the ingestion of lycopene from tomatoes.

Vitamins have been known for quite a long time

Lie. Vitamins were not found until 1912. This was finished by a 28-year-old Polish natural chemist, Kazimierz Funk. The youthful researcher additionally thought of a name for newfound natural mixes. He joined the Latin word 'vita', which signifies 'life', with 'amine', which is the name of a concoction compound containing an amino gathering. Today we realize that few out of every odd vitamin has this gathering, however from the start it was thought in an unexpected way. In Poland, vitamins are additionally called 'life', in spite of the fact that this term is less and less normal. Nonetheless, it shows the significant job of vitamins in looking after wellbeing.

You can't tell if there are stones in the orange .


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