Facts and myths: Glucose-fructose syrup

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Glucose-fructose syrup is a fluid sugar utilized for creation in the nourishment business. Numerous individuals are amazed when they discover that glucose-fructose syrup is practically indistinguishable from sucrose or nectar. It comprises of for all intents and purposes similar measures of straightforward sugars - glucose and fructose. Glucose is a straightforward sugar found normally in numerous nourishments, regularly called grape sugar. Fructose is likewise a basic sugar present in foods grown from the ground, called natural product sugar.

We meet with various assessments about glucose-fructose syrup. How about we investigate them:

Legend: Sugar is more beneficial than glucose-fructose syrup!

Certainty: false. Indeed, glucose-fructose syrup with a 42% fructose content (the most famous in Europe) is essentially equivalent to sugar (sucrose comprises of the glucose and fructose atom) - both in structure and calories. This likeness implies that the human body ingests it similarly. Notwithstanding, it ought to be recollected that any sugar, regardless of whether as sucrose (for example stick or beet sugar) or glucose-fructose syrup, ought to be expended with some restraint.

Legend: Glucose-fructose syrup causes weight and diabetes!

Certainty: false. There is no immediate connection between glucose-fructose syrup admission and corpulence. Numerous variables related with way of life changes, eats less and physical idleness add to the advancement of heftiness and diabetes. Nutritionists, wellbeing specialists and researchers concur that the fundamental explanation is the lopsidedness between calories devoured and consumed, which advances the amassing of fat in the body and the improvement of heftiness.

Legend: Glucose-fructose syrup is more caloric than sugar!

Reality: false. Glucose-fructose syrup and sucrose contain a similar measure of calories, 4 kcal/g.

Fantasy: Glucose-fructose syrup is a fake sugar!

Reality: false. Counterfeit sugars are artificially acquired mixes (for example apartam, saccharin, cyclamate, acesulfame). In Europe, the crude material used to create glucose - fructose syrup is wheat or corn. The syrup doesn't contain counterfeit or engineered substances or colors.

Fantasy: Glucose-fructose syrup is produced using hereditarily changed maize and wheat

Reality: false. Glucose-fructose syrup isn't delivered from hereditarily changed crude material. The conceivable utilization of such crude material is related with the commitment to name the completed item with the utilization of hereditarily adjusted crude material.

The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate is the able expert in Poland to get applications for putting GMOs of plant cause available. Choices to put this nourishment available are taken by the capable organizations of the European Union.

The European Union ensures the detectability and naming of hereditarily altered life forms (GMOs) and items produced using these creatures all through the whole nourishment store network

Fantasy: Glucose-fructose syrup is generally utilized in the nourishment and drink businesses.

Reality: false. Sugar is as yet the most well known crude material utilized in the nourishment business. By and by, in the European Union, the creation of glucose - fructose syrup with a substance above 10% fructose is constrained. Since 1977, the EU has been directing the creation standards for sugar, glucose-fructose syrup and inulin syrup. Size p rodukcji glucose-fructose syrup in the EU is 5% of the all out sugar creation .

Certainty: false. Glucose-fructose syrup with a 42% fructose content has nearly a similar sweetness as sugar, which is the reason it is utilized as a choice to sugar in numerous nourishment items.

Fantasy: The digestion of glucose - fructose syrup doesn't give a sentiment of satiety!

Truth: false. Truth be told, various examinations have demonstrated that glucose-fructose syrup similarly affects yearning and satiety as sugar. As of late directed research, among others by researchers from the University of Washington, Maastricht University, University of Toronto and University of Rhode Island, affirm that the syrup gives a similar sentiment of satiety as sucrose.

Legend: Glucose-fructose syrup is anything but difficult to use in the nourishment business .

Actuality: True: Syrup is an extremely advantageous sugar utilized in different kinds of items. The fluid type of the syrup permits it to be handily utilized in different mechanical procedures in handling.


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